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Welcome to Cedar Creek Ranch

Y’all saddle up for a tale as grand as the wide-open prairies! Nestled amidst the sprawling beauty of over 60 acres of dense woods, meandering creek crossings, and vast fields, Cedar Creek Ranch is a slice of Western paradise just a stone’s throw from the famed Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park, and the cozy Grand Bear Lodge. Just a bit east of Cedar Point, Illinois, this ranch is more than a spot on a map; it’s a heartland of adventure and soul. 

Back in the summer of ’00, Paul Williams laid claim to this land, setting the stage for what would become a legendary retreat. It all started with a horse named Vegas, and like any good Western saga, that bond between man and steed sparked a wildfire passion in Paul’s heart for the equestrian way of life. Before long, Cedar Creek Ranch wasn’t just a dream, but a bustling hub for horse lovers, offering top-notch boarding and lush grazing lands.

Paul tapped into the spirit of the West, realizing many folks yearned to ride under the vast skies without the ties of ownership. By 2007, after years of sweat, grit, and the unwavering support of kin and comrades, Paul blazed trails across his land, inviting one and all to experience the majesty of the wilderness from the back of a trusty steed.

So, if the call of the wild stirs something deep within ya, mosey on down to Cedar Creek Ranch. It’s more than a visit; it’s an experience that echoes the timeless bond between humans and horses, and the enduring allure of the great American landscape. Y’all come now, hear?